UPND has run out of members- Kabimba

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——Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary
General and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has said the United
Party for National Development (UPND) has run out of members going by the opposition party’s decision to adopted former Katombola Member of Parliament Regina Musokotwane as the candidate for the Livingstone by-election slated for Thursday this week.

Mr. Kabimba said the next time the UPND will contest an election will end up fielding its party President Hakainde Hichilema due to lack of members.

“The next time there is an election it will be HH himself who will be
forced to contest because they have no members. She (Regina) was an MP
in Katombola for ten years what has she done, nothing,” he stated.

Mr Kabimba congratulated members of the UPND who are coming forward to
work with the ruling party and criticized the idea by the UPND
leadership of expelling their members of parliament who are willing to
work with the PF Government to help foster development in the country.

He further congratulated UPND MPs who have so far accepted jobs in the
PF Government adding that the decision was extremely important for the
development of the nation.

Mr. Kabimba said that Zambians have confidence in the PF party and that
it means well for the people.

Mr. Kabimba has further accused the UPND and MMD of not being
informative for accusing the PF of trying to take the country into one
party state.

He explained that PF cannot take the country back to a one party state
because members who are in the PF were part of the team that removed
UNIP in 1991 so they cannot take the country back to that era.

Mr. Kabimba has said that this is the last chance that God has given the people of
Livingstone to avoid making a mistake of voting for a wrong candidate.

Mr Kabimba said that the time had come for the people to vote for
Lawrence Evans as a Member of Parliament for Livingstone constituency.

He was speaking on a live radio programme called Check Point on Falls FM
radio in Livingstone yesterday.

He pleaded with the people of Livingstone to vote for the PF if they
wanted development and that the by-election was an image building for

He said PF is a peaceful party that won the 2011 election without
violence saying violence does not win elections.

“We won’t judge the ECZ for postponing the elections as they have the
mandate to cite under which environment the elections should be held
and we thank ECZ for the decision they made as a life was lost,” he

Mr Kabimba said that the Livingstone seat was vital to PF because
Livingstone is strategically located and it shall set the pace for the
rest of the country to follow suit.

And speaking during the same interview, PF candidate for the
Livingstone central seat Lawrence Evans said if he gets elected on the
14th of March, Livingstone will be a developed place in line with the
PF’s Manifesto.

“Your development is my development so let us all go with one heart
and vote for the most relevant candidate in the name of Lawrence
Evans, your local person,” he said

The Justice Minister was in Livingstone to drum up support for PF candidate
in this Thursday’s election Lawrence Evans.