Paediatrics sleeping on floor and share mattresses in Itezhi-Tezhi

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–Paediatrics patients at Nansenga Government Rural health Centre   in Chief Muwezwa’s Chiefdom in Itezhi Tezhi district are sometimes subjected to sleeping on mattresses on the floor and share the few available mattresses in the admission wards.

And health workers at the rural health centre which is situated 110 kilometres from Itezhi Tezhi town have described the condition as “dangerous and unsanitary”.

This came to light when Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Mr. Greyford Monde visited the rural health  centre which was opened by Member of Central Committee for Southern Province ( MCC) Mungoni Liso  in 1980 during the Kenneth Kaunda administration.

A tour of the three decade old tiny rural health centre which needs a facelift and expansion revealed the bad conditions paediatrics patients and other patients are subjected to such as having to sleep on mattresses on the floor.

Health officials at the centre said the rural health centre has small wards meant for less than five patients but too many patients are being admitted.

“In addition to sleeping on the floor on mattresses, patients are sharing mattresses because they are not enough” said one of the Environmental health officers stationed at the institution.

The officers also said the rural health centre which lacks a clinician and midwife receives more patients than it was built for.

And Mr Monde who is also Member of Parliament for Itezhi tezhi, and was touched by the condition at the rural health centre, said it was unsanitary and dangerous for patients to sleep on the floor.

He said government will soon employ health workers and that he will ensure that   important personnel such as clinician and midwife are deployed to the health centre.

And Mr. Monde has donated 10 mattresses to the rural health centre in order to alleviate the problems that patients are facing at the rural health centre.

“This situation is appling and immediately I have donated at least 10 mattresses to the health centre. This is just to sort out this urgent problem before government can come in for other capital projects at the institution “he said.