Kasama MMD women rebuke Sinyangwe

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Kasama MMD women rebuke Sinyangwe


Kasama, March, 12,  ZANIS——————Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) Women in Kasama have castigated their Women Affairs Chairlady, Fostina Sinyangwe and other male politicians who issued a statement to restrain women from celebrating International Women’s Day.



The MMD Women in Kasama said Ms. Sinyangwe’s statement is a negative stance saying International Women’s Day celebration is meant for Women to stand for a common stance.


They explained that staying away from the celebrations just indicates that women are denying themselves an opportunity of better their welfare in society.


They urged politicians to practice productive politics and desist from opposing for the sake of opposing each other.


The MMD women in Kasama urged politicians to help Government deliver service to people who voted for them.


And Catholic Women in Kasama have called on all women folk to dress decently if good morals are to be upheld.


The Catholic Women in Kasama strongly feel that decent dressing is a solution to avoiding the ever increasing number of cases of rape, Child abuse and Gender Based Violence (GBV) in families.


The women who made their call yesterday accused women of contributing to moral degradation due to careless dressing which they said provoke men’s feelings and resulting into misconduct.


They added that women play a critical role in the promotion of good morals and the peace of society as mothers.


The Women further said women should participate in the development of the nation as they are key stakeholders through taking care of their families.


They appealed to sex workers to team up and form Women clubs that Government is empowering than get exposed to the deadly HIV/AIDS.


The women also urged fellow women to fear God because women by nature are naturally World builders.