Heavy Police Presence in Livingstone meant for peace-Police

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—-Southern Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga says the heavy police presence in Livingstone  is not to intimidate the electorate but to provide a service to the citizenry.

Ms. Katanga said the police in Livingstone are there to provide protection in
case of unruly behaviour arising before, during and after the elections.

She advised the electorate in Livingstone to vote peacefully in the fourth coming by elections as police is guarantying them peace.

She said this at a press briefing held at her office in Livingstone yesterday.

Ms. Katanga resounded her warning to all political parties to adhere to the rules set by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to only campaign through the print and electronic media.

She also warned the group called GAZA which is from Chibolya in Lusaka not to intimidate the voters to earn votes saying the group is strongly associated with violence.


She further warned that the police is very alert and will not tolerate any misconduct.

“We will not allow any form of violence  during and after the elections, as police we are ahead of the GAZA group and have enough space in the cells in case of anything”, she said.

Meanwhile, Police have disclosed that they have acquired enough evidence to determine who made the fatal blow that killed Harrison Chanda.

Ms. Katanga said the police have strong direct evidence which points to Harry Henry Lungu as the master mind and alleged killer of Harrison Chanda.

She said the police know the exact instrument which was used to kill Chanda and expressed confidence that the police will secure convection over the murder.

She explained that on February 25, 2013, between 19 and 20 hours there was a clash between UPND and PF which resulted in the death of one Harrison Chanda of PF in Monze.

Ms. Katanga said Police apprehended several people from UPND in connection with the murder and among them Brain Mulenga, John Musokotwane, Angela Munangandu, Annie Mubuje, Johnny Liwakala, Siamasumo Siamasumo, Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo, Ian Swakala and Belenzi Mweemba.

She explained that after investigations the police sort the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions –DPP in relation to the murder and the DPP decided to write to the prosecution to discontinue the case by entering into a nolle prose qui against the nine which saw the nine
walk to freedom yesterday.

The police could not however release information concerning the post mortem of the victim saying releasing such information would jeopardize the case as it was still before courts and that people will know about it at an appropriate time.

And suspended Livingstone Mayor Aggrey Njewka has been turned into a state witness for the state. He has since been released from the police cells.