Chief Kalunga of Kabompo district appeals for secondary school

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————– Grades 10, 11 and 12 pupils in Chief Kalunga’s area in Kabompo district which has no secondary school since independence are in dire need of a secondary school..

Chief Kalunga of the Luchazi people in Kabompo district said this in an interview with ZANIS in Kabompo today.

Chief Kalunga said grades 10, 11and 12 pupils in his Chiefdom attend secondary schools in Senior Chief Sikufele and Chief Chiyengele’s areas because there is no secondary school in his chiefdom.

He lamented that the said pupils from his area were forced to walk long distances to Manyinga, Kawanda, Loloma, Kabulamema secondary schools in Senior Chief Sikufele’s area and Kayombo secondary school in Chief Chiyengele’s area situated about 100 kilometres because there has been no secondary school in his Chiefdom.

He further lamented that the pupils have to carry mealie-meal every weekend to feed on.


The traditional Leader said unless government listens to the people’s cry in his Chiefdom and there would be no educated people in his chiefdom in future because many pupils were now shunning school because of long distances.


He further said some parents fail to the required boarding fees at Kabompo high school which also does not accommodate all of the pupils from his chiefdom.

The traditional ruler appealed to government to build a secondary school at Chikenge this year in order to equitably deliver secondary school education to all chiefdoms.


And Acting Education Board Secretary Phoebe Kilele and District Commissioner Dennis Kanyakula both confirmed the development to ZANIS in Kabompo today.