Sata announces investigation into UPND leader’s riches

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GOVERNMENT has asked the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to establish whether United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema must be prosecuted over the source of his wealth, President Sata has revealed.
Mr Sata said there is a possibility that Mr Hichilema could have acquired his wealth corruptly when he was tasked to privatise government parastatals.
He said this yesterday during a swearing-in ceremony for two more UPND members of Parliament, Chinga Miyutu and Njeulu Poniso, as deputy ministers in the Patriotic Front government.
This brings to four the number of UPND MPs appointed to the PF government.
Mr Miyutu is the new deputy minister of Sport and Mr Poniso is deputy minister in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services.
Mpongwe MP Gabriel Namulambe has also been sworn in as deputy minister of Foreign Affairs.
The President said Mr Hichilema’s source of wealth must be established as he has continued claiming to be the richest opposition leader.
“We have asked the DPP whether he (Mr Hichilema) should be prosecuted to find out the source of his money. When I was in President Chiluba’s government, we gave him companies to privatise and maybe he acquired his wealth from there,” President Sata said.
And President Sata says Mr Hichilema must not claim to be democratic and refer to him as a dictator because he has never been subjected to elections at party level.
Mr Sata said he has a track record of being elected from ward level in party structures.
“Tell your leader [Mr Hichilema] that we do not have a Cabinet of 77 ministers… I sympathise with him because he has never been elected…he says I am a dictator, I agree with him because I have a background I was elected from ward councillor to MP…but he just came from nowhere and took over UPND.
“He has never been to a convention, he just wants shortcuts; he took over UPND by force…who elected him?” President Sata asked.
He said UPND is not the same as it was when it was led by Anderson Mazoka and the opposition party has never gone to a convention since Mr Hichilema took over.
President Sata also castigated Mr Hichilema and MMD president Nevers Mumba for attempting to incite women to shun the International Women’s Day on Friday.
“Congratulations to UPND and MMD for telling women to boycott women’s day but we saw women come in their numbers…if youths have also been told to boycott tomorrow’s [today’s celebrations] and they boycott, then we are not going to know what is worrying them… Dr Scott [Vice- President], go there and stand alone if youths boycott,” he said.
And Mr Miyutu has thanked President Sata for the appointment which he says is an added responsibility to serve people more effectively.
He said he is ready to face any consequences from his party for accepting the appointment.
“The appointment is constitutional and must be respected. I am grateful because my constituency is vast and far from Lusaka but with this appointment, the people of Kalabo will be represented at all levels,” he said.
And Mr Poniso said it is unfortunate that the UPND leadership is hesitant to allow its MPs to serve in Government and represent the electorate.
He said he will not resign from the UPND as it is the party on whose ticket he stood to represent the people.
“This is just an added responsibility and I am not going to resign because the people of Shangombo are very happy with my appointment,” Mr Poniso said. [ZAMBIA DAILY MAIL]