Sakeni calls for more investment in film industry

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Sakeni calls for more investment in film industry


From Lackson Makodza in Lagos, Nigeria


Lagos, March 11, ZANIS – Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Kennedy Sakeni has called for more investment in the film industry in Zambia.


Mr. Sakeni said the film industry was booming in Africa hence the need for Zambia not to be left behind in the development of this sector.


He noted that Zambia had the potential to create employment for artists and technicians in the film industry.


Mr. Sakeni cited Nollywood in Nigeria as one of the industries that have contributed greatly in creating employment for the local people in that country.

He told ZANIS in Lagos in Nigeria that Zambia has the capacity to grow the film if only more investment was made in the film industry.


And commenting on the two Zambians who were nominated for the first ever Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA) held in Nigeria recently, Mr. Sakeni said government was delighted with the development.


Zambia’s Henry Lenga of Sakalakata and Christin Ngoma of Kawanu were among the nominees in the best local languages award and best make-up artist award respectively.


He said it was gratifying that Zambians were now taking part in the prestigious awards on the continent despite the two artists not winning any award.


Meanwhile, National Artists Council Chairperson Mulenga Kapwepwe encouraged the two Zambian artists not to give up despite losing at the just ended AMVCA.


Ms. Kapwepwe implored the artists to continue working hard in the film industry till they win awards.


She said the artists should use the just ended AMVCA as a platform to work with other renowned artists across Africa.


She said the National Arts Council was looking forward to seeing more Zambian artists being nominated in African prestigious awards.


And Multichoice-Zambia General Manager Simon Bota described the nomination of the two as a big achievement for the Zambian film industry.