Lusaka MMD women castigates Sinyangwe

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Movement for Multi party Democracy (MMD) Lusaka Province Chairperson Mary Phiri has castigated National Women Chairperson Faustina Sinyangwe for issuing instructions stopping women in the party from participating in this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations.

And Ms Phiri has accused MMD President Nevers Mumba of making the party go weaker and weaker and has since urged the top leadership in the party to hold a convention.

Ms Phiri who was flanked by other women within the party also denounced Mrs Sinyangwe saying she is not an elected leader for women in MMD as she is not competent enough to issue such important instructions.

She further stated that detractors like Mrs Sinyangwe will not have any chance of governing the women affairs as she is a failure and failed lamentably in the Patriotic Front.

Ms Phiri also said Pastor Nevers Mumba has a political history full of questions than answers as he changes political parties like a chameleon.

She said the MMD remains with no other avenue to achieve stability and growth except holding a convention quickly before the party became history like many other political parties.