KCM managers’ sacking under watching eye of Government – Mines Minister

KCM plc

GOVERNMENT is investigating the termination of 11 senior managers’ contracts at Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) in Chingola.

Last month, KCM dropped 11 senior managers who were in full time and pensionable employment reportedly in a bid to ‘downsize’ the workforce.

Mines Minister Yamfwa Mukanga said in an interview yesterday that Government was concerned with any loss of jobs because its vision was to create more jobs for Zambians.

He said he would engage the Ministry of Labour and Social Security on the matter and warned mine owners to desist from terminating contracts of locals without valid reasons at the expense of expatriates.

Mr Mukanga said he would issue a comprehensive statement next week after concluding the investigations and that he was keen to know how many expatriates were affected, if any.

“Any termination of employment without thorough consultations is not right even if it is one person affected, I have to move in. Government will not accept loss of jobs because we want to create more jobs,” he said.

The managers had wondered why it was only Zambian senior members of staff who were affected if the termination of employment was genuinely meant to reduce the labour force.

Chingola District Commissioner George Sichula met KCM management officials who told him that the affected senior managers were a liability and a cost to the company.

Labour and Social Security Minister Fackson Shamenda urged both local and foreign investors not to deliberately flout labour laws and warned employers to desist from terminating contracts of workers without giving reasons.