PF government committed to development of Itezhi tezhi – Monde

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—The Patriotic Front government is committed to the development of little developed Itezhi tezhi district and many other rural districts in the country.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Greyford Monde disclosed this when he officiated at this year’s International Women’s Day cerebrations held at St Paul’s Hall in Itezhi tezhi district yesterday.

Mr Monde said President Sata is committed to develop the road and education infrastructure in Itezhi tezhi district as the two are the foundations of development to begin with.

The Deputy Minister informed the audience that the President Sata has asked Ministry of Works and Supply to expedite the construction of   the D769 road under the Link Zambia 8000.

Mr Monde who is also Itezhi Tezhi Member of Parliament said that over 24,000 youths will be employed during the implementation of the link Zambia 8000 and Itezhi tezhi youths will be among this number.

He said that government will replace all pole and muddy classroom blocks found in some wards and replace them with modern standard brick and plastered classrooms.

He said that improved service delivery is improved by good road infrastructure hence the President’s strong desire to reconstruct the D769 road.

“There are suggestions that two contractors be engaged so that one starts from the Mongu/Lusaka road junction and the other begins from Itezhi tezhi to meet somewhere in equal distance to cover the whole road,” Mr Monde said.

Mr Monde also said with this development coming, the fruits of the Patriotic Front government are beginning to unfold in the district.

On women’s issues Mr Monde said the Patriotic Front government is committed to reversing the trend where males dominated decision making positions in the country.

“Zambia is among few countries to have a first woman Inspector General of Police, this is proof that the PF is committed to the inclusion of women in decision making positions’ Mr Monde said.

Mr Monde however said that gains made since the PF party was voted into power may be lost if people in the district do not work together.