UNITED Party for National Developmen​t women have boycotted today’s Internatio​nal women´s day celebratio​n

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UNITED Party for National Development women have boycotted today’s International women´s day celebration.
UPND women in Lusaka Chair lady Rose Banda said  during a press briefing yesterday that the women have decided to abscond themselves from the women´s day celebration today because the Patriotic Front government has violated human rights among other things,
¨The public act has been violated by the PF government to suppress and oppress perceived political opponents, the liberties of these perceived enemies have been taken away,freedom of assembly ,association and expression are rights that should enjoyed by every citizen of this nation,but these have been denied of us ever since the PF formed government,¨ Banda said.
She said their political party leader Hakainde Hichilema and other party officials including women were tear gassed last year at Lusaka central police,
¨Where can we be safe?,if even in police premises a citizen can be attacked by the very people who are supposed to protect them, and going by this years international women celebration theme,¨Gender agenda,gaining momentum¨ we feel insulted by the PF government,¨ she said.
She wondered what momentum the women in Zambia are gaining or if they were completely loosing the little they have gained before the PF came into power,
¨I wonder what momentum we are gaining or maybe loosing the little we gained before the PF came to power,,because women are crying louder than ever before in this fast degenerating social,economic and political environment,¨ she said.
Meanwhile Non-Governmental Coordinating Committee (NGOCC) board chairperson Beatrice Grillo said it is unfortunate that the day that all the women should come together to work and see the way forward for problems that women are facing in Zambia other women decide to abscond themselves.


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