Women challenges noted

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Sports and Child Development Minister Chishimba Kambwili says government is aware of challenges Women face in social and economic development.

Speaking when he graced the International Women’s Day Commemorations in Mongu today, Mr Kambwili said there is need to reverse such trends in all sectors by all stakeholders acting together to uplift the status of  Women in order to achieve the active and effective participation of women at all levels.

He noted that Zambia has scored a number of successes in various sectors stressing that the coming in to power of the Patriotic Front government has accelerated the promotion of gender equality and participation of women in decision making.

 And Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) Western Province Coordinator Sandra Maputa said there are a good number of women in decision making positions in government and the corporate world.

Mrs Maputa however noted that a lot still needs to be done in the issues of gender based violence citing an escalating number of women reportedly being killed and assaulted by the male folk.