Luwingu in International Women celebrations

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Luwingu in International Women celebrations


Luwingu, March 8, ZANIS ——– Scores of women in Luwingu district in the Northern Province joined their colleagues’ worldwide in commemorating International Women’s Day with the messages of asking men to exercise equal rights.


Luwingu District Commissioner Mambwe Katontoka has called on women to rise above and overcome the challenges that most women face such as gender violence towards women, rape and child defilement by men folk.


She said women in Luwingu like any other part of the world have continued to be victims of violence, with rape and domestic violence listed as significant causes of disability and death among them.


Mrs Katontoka said time to beat, kill and injure the other is far gone and urged men to dialogue whenever there is any dispute.


“Let us learn to sit down and dialogue when there is any miss understanding, as this is the only way we can end gender based violence,” she lamented.


She warned men in Luwingu district who are still looking at women as sex objects or kitchen servants to desist and see them as partners in development.


Mrs Katontoka commended the Patriotic Front leader Michael Chilufya Sata for exhibiting unhistorical challenge by promoting women in powerful and strategic positions such as Judiciary, Police and Anti-Corruption.


She said women folk are happy that Luwingu has also benefited saying the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Kapisha middle basic school and the prisons is headed by females while at Luwingu high school the deputy is a female.


And speaking at the same function Luwingu District Women Association Chairperson Christine Chemusala Kaliso said women in the district are not happy with the number of defilement cases rising and appealed to men to stop the vice.


Earlier in the day the women donated various gifts to the patients at the district hospital worth thousands of kwacha to the babies born today to mark the International Women Day whose theme is the Gender Agenda; Gaining Momentum.


And Lupososhi Member of Parliament Chungu Bwalya has challenged women to refrain from marrying off their children at a tender age.


Mr Chungu observed that woman receives bribes from people wanting to marry their children in rural areas and sometimes sending the girl children to men in order to raise money for food.


He said the Patriotic Front government is trying by all means to put women in strategic government position but women are too shy.