Drug abuse worries Chief Kasempa

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—-Senior Chief Kasempa has expressed displeasure with the moral degradation being exhibited in his chiefdom attributing it to abuse of drugs and alcohol.


The Senior Chief said the district has experienced a down fall in morals in the recent years and called for police officers to intensify its efforts.


“I’m not happy with behaviour of some  youths who  are in the habit of insulting people especially civil servant and that it makes it hard for them to work freely,” he said.


He observed that in his tours of the district the abuse of drugs is common and is resulting in youths insulting citizens for no reason and thereby making residents to live in fear.


Chief Kasempa wondered why police have turned a blind eye on people who are in the habit of insulting fellow citizens and described the behaviour as conduct likely to breach peace. 

He attributed the effortless work of law enforcers to that of overstaying in the district making some civil servants to become overfriendly with criminals.


He cited an example of a person who he had arrested for drug abuse but was letter released and wondered why such was tolerated.


The Chief has since called on government to transfer some public workers who have stayed in the district for more than five years to other areas in order to allow effective performance.


He said some public worker have become village headmen due to the fact that they have over stayed and always in the company of criminals.

“Some civil servants have become headmen, because they have stayed for too long here they are failing to arrest their friends who commit crimes,” he said.


The chief has since appealed to relevant authority to allow Chief Returners to be arresting people involved in drug abuse because they are more informed.


The traditional leader was speaking yesterday at his palace during a meeting held to address issues in his chiefdom.


And Kasempa District Commissioner Victor Kayikesi assured the Chief of government intervention in order to curb the vice.


Mr Kayikesi disclosed that he had already instructed government departments to submit names of individuals who have not been confirmed and overstayed to his office for further action.


He commended the chief for supporting and working with government in an effort to bring development in his chiefdom.