Women advised to embrace culture

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Founder of Zambia National Traditional Counsellors Association Iris Phiri has advised women to exercise humility and embrace culture and tradition as the country celebrates International Women’s Day tomorrow.

Ms Phiri noted that it is important that women humble themselves in everything they do especially in the homes where they are coming from as mothers or wives.

In an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka ahead of International Women’s Day celebrations, Ms Phiri said it is not wise for a woman to always talk about gender in her home as it shows lack of humility and respect to her husband.

She said it is a pity that some women do not want to learn more about culture and tradition or to embrace it which results in a lot of challenges in most marriages.

The traditional counsellor noted that it is important for every woman in the country to humble herself even if that woman is educated or empowered in one way or the other.

She added that there are more advantages to women who are educated and at the same time have the knowledge of preserving culture and tradition.

Ms Phiri further noted that lack of practicing culture and tradition is what has also contributed to the increase in gender based violence in women and children especially in homes and respective communities where they are coming from.

She said women should be able to teach their children on how best to present themselves with specific emphasis on dressing.

Ms Phiri said it is shameful to see how some children in certain homes dress indecently before their male family members which is contributing to high levels of defilement and rape to occur in most households.

She advised parents not to be restrained from teaching their children about culture and tradition in fear of violating their rights.

The traditional counsellor said Zambian women have the responsibility of teaching their children rights that will help them in their lives as compared to leaving them to imitate the western culture.

And in a separate interview, President and Country Director for Families are Nations, Judith Mwila, observed that most women have worked hard to ensure that their families and homes are well taken care of.

She said women have taken lead in most cases and have competed well with men because they are also able to perform as much as men.

Ms Mwila noted that some women have continued working hard and are achieving a lot in their lives but advised that in as much as they continue working hard, they should also thrive in maintaining their homes.

She said women must realise that they cannot run away from responsibilities of their homes but have to undertake both roles of contributing to national development and their families at the same time.

Ms Phiri noted that women have also a duty to realise who they want to be in life or what they want to achieve as government has put in place policies that look at women affairs and their exposure to different empowerment schemes.

She appealed to women to not just be waiting for things to be done for them but to be more assertive and proactive if gaining momentum is to be achieved.

Zambia will tomorrow join the rest of the world in commemorating the International Women’s Day which falls on 8th of March every year.