Calls to separate new Mwansabombwe from the traditional village backed

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Calls to separate new Mwansabombwe from the traditional village backed

Mansa, March 7, ZANIS ———-Former Mansa Municipal Council Publications Officer Christopher Mumba has supported calls by the Mwatakazembe of the Lunda people of Mwansabombwe district to have the Mwansabombwe district offices be put at a virgin land far from Mwansabobwe village.

Mr Mumba says putting Mwansabombwe district offices on a virgin land away from Mwansabombwe village will help accelerate the development of the district once fully grown.

Mr Mumba observed that the putting of the district centers at the middle of the villages has hampered development in many district councils saying it is difficult to move people once there are some developments that are to take place in the district.

Speaking to ZANIS in a telephone interview today Mr Mumba said Senior Chief Mwatakazembe needs to be supported in this cause if similar mistakes are to be avoided.

Giving an example of Mansa which has only a five Kilometers radius of the Municipality boundary, Mr Mumba said Mansa is today difficult to develop because it was situated on the middle of villages.

He said there is need to learn from such plans if we are to develop adding that Nchelenge and Kawambwa have the same problem in their development.

He said Mwansabombwe is now the biggest village in Africa after Kano in Nigeria was developed into a town adding that the status of Mwansabombwe should be preserved by putting the district centre at a distant position and use the village as a tourist attraction.