Govt bans foreigners from practising human resource functions


Government has directed that non-Zambians immediately cease to perform human resource functions.

Labour and Social Security Minister Fackson Shamenda made the announcement during a media briefing in Lusaka today.

Mr Shamenda says he has also observed with concern that non-members of the Zambia Institute of Human resource management are performing human resource functions in various companies across the country.

Mr. Shamenda states that after numerous interactions with various companies,it has come to the attention of the ministry that most companies with foreign human resource personnel do not understand the labour laws of the country.

He has also disclosed that his ministry has in the recent past received several complaints from employees engaged in various undertakings operating in the country concerning the use of abusive language, ill-treatment and verbal abuse, discrimination and racial remarks by managers, supervisors and employers.

Mr. Shamenda has since warned that government will not hesitate to act decisively in situations where persons are found guilty of bad practices.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shamenda has stated that while majority of companies are complying with the revised minimum wage, his ministry is aware that some few companies are not yet complying with the Statutory Instrument.

Mr. Shamenda has since called on companies that may not have the ability to pay to approach his ministry for determination of their capabilities.