Mopani Nkana golf Club sign MoU

nkana golf club

MOPANI Copper Mines has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Nkana Golf Club that will see the mining firm invest more resources in the sports facility.

Mopani chief executive officer, Danny Callow, said in a statement released yesterday that the MoU formalises a strong and long term partnership between the two parties for the financing of various projects towards the improvement of the club and the sport.

Under the MoU, Mopani has undertaken, through a series of phases, to rehabilitate the clubhouse, locker rooms and the surroundings; and maintain the golf course through and by the provision of golf expertise, labour, course irrigation and water reticulation systems.

Callow said Mopani would also maintain security for the club through electric fencing of the perimeter boundary, increase of security patrols and placing of fire breaks around the perimeter.

He said the two parties have also agreed to enhance accountability and efficiency in the management of Nkana Golf Club and its resources for the benefit of the club and the community.

He said other projects to be undertaken at the Nkana Golf Club include construction of a new caddy and storage shelters and the introduction of a golf academy for underprivileged children inter alia.

Callow, who is also Nkana Golf Club president, said Mopani has committed to continue with its financial support through monthly grants and other periodic support for special projects and golfing events.

“This MoU reaffirms Mopani’s commitment to the development of sport in Zambia. As a company we are aware that sport plays a significant role not only in providing alternative leisure options, but also as a source of livelihood and offering disadvantaged youths and school children opportunities that they have not previously enjoyed,” he said.

“Our resolve, therefore, to enter into this MOU with Nkana Golf Club is driven by our desire and commitment to continue being a part of the efforts to raise the popularity of golf as an economic, social and healthy activity.

“As with all of our investments, we aim to make the Club self-sustaining over time, and that is why we have decided to partner through the Constitution with a new and dynamic committee,” he added.

Callow reiterated Mopani’s commitment to resuscitating Nkana Golf Club to its former glorious days when it used to host major tournaments like the prestigious Zambia Open.