Establish Motorsport in rural areas, everywhere – Kambwili

African Rally Championship

SPORTS Minister Chishimba Kambwili has urged the Zambia Motor Sports Association (ZMSA) to spread the sport to all corners of Zambia and allow the public to appreciate the variety of sports the nation has to offer.

Kambwili said the move would encourage and motivate sports men and women to excel in their individual sports disciplines which would in return bring more honour to the country.

Speaking when the president of ZMSA, Marco Comana submitted a report to the parliamentary committee on Youth and Sport, Kambwili said the only motor sport that was popular with the majority of the youth was kart race.

He advised the association and the Sports Council of Zambia (SCZ) to liaise with his ministry and find a suitable piece of land in Lusaka where ZMSA could create the kart race circuit for the youth.

“I wish to urge you (ZMSA) to establish the sport in rural areas as well so that the general public can appreciate a variety of sports the country boasts of. I also wish to invite your association and the SCZ to liaise with my ministry and find a piece of land here in Lusaka where you can create the kart circuit which our youth should access,” Kambwili said.

He also commended Africa Rally Champion Mohammed Essa for winning the championship, saying his achievement had put the country on the World map and Government was proud of the record.

Kambwili also said Government was committed to sports development in the country and that his ministry had increased the budgetary allocation to all associations.

Meanwhile, Mazabuka rider, David Reeve said despite the leg injury he sustained at the Dakar Rally, he would start racing in 2015 and finish what he had started this year.


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