Msisi compound to have police post before end of 2013

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Chawama Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Edgar Lungu has disclosed that a police post will be constructed in Msisi compound in Lusaka before the end of this year.


Mr. Lungu, who is also Minister of Home Affairs, said land for the construction of Msisi police post has already been identified in the area while a contractor has since been awarded a contract to build the structure that will house the police.


He said the Lusaka City Council (LCC) was currently normalizing and finalising the paper work that include a title deed and where to source electricity from.


He was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.

“Land for building the Msisi police post has been found and a contractor has already been allocated. The delay is with the LCC to carry out and finish administrative paper work because the moneys have been sourced,” he said.


Mr. Lungu, who did not disclose how much money to be spent on building the police post however, asked the people of Msisi compound to be calm while government was working hard to curb the high crime rate the area was experiencing.

He warned criminals not to take advantage of the absence of the police post because police officers have intensified both day and night patrols in the compound.

He has further advised the people to report any cases of crime to Chawama police station or any other nearest police post.


Mr. Lungu said the PF government was determined to protect its citizens not only in Msisi compound but the country as a whole.


He advised other Members of Parliament to use their Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to expedite infrastructure development in matters which concern security.

Government was prompted to close the Msisi police post a few years ago following the unruly behavior of the residents.


But the residents were now crying foul over the increased crime in the area and are calling on government to build a police post in Msisi.