MMD threatens to sue Namugala over ‘disparaging’ remarks

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Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) is planning to take legal action against its expelled chairperson for Women Affairs Catherine Namugala if she continues to issue alleged disparaging remarks on party president Nevers Mumba.


And the MMD has advised Ms. Namugala to form her own political party if she cannot join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).


MMD chairperson for Women Affairs Faustina Sinyangwe said Ms. Namugala remained expelled from the party.


Speaking at a press briefing held at the MMD secretariat in Lusaka today, Ms. Sinyangwe said Ms. Namugala’s political maneuvers were yielding nothing but lowering her standing in society.


She said Ms. Namugala should not pretend to be caring for the party when her actual plans were allegedly to destroy the MMD.


She has since advised Ms. Namugala to stop peddling lies and leave Dr. Mumba and the entire MMD leadership alone.


“I wish to advise Ms. Namugala to reserve whatever semblance of respect she might have left with by desisting from her childish and unwarranted attacks on Dr. Mumba and the party leadership because she was expelled from the party a long time ago,” Ms. Sinyangwe said


Ms. Sinyangwe has since urged members of the MMD and the general public not to be misled by Ms. Namugala.


She dismissed assertions by Ms. Namugala that there was a crisis in MMD.


Ms. Sinyangwe also accused Ms. Namugala of deliberately causing confusion in the party by running a parallel secretariat with expelled former MMD national secretary Richard Kachingwe.


And speaking at the same occasion, MMD national treasurer Mwansa Mbulakulima said Ms. Namugala’s claims that party leader Dr. Mumba was receiving K65 million as salary were not true.


Mr. Mbulakulima, who is also MMD Chembe MP, said Dr. Mumba was not getting anything from the party but was only sacrificing to lead the former ruling party.


“Dr. Mumba, our party president is not getting a salary from the party, not even a penny. I want to warn Ms. Namugala to stop scandalizing our president,” Mr. Mbulakulima said.


He added that MMD members, including the eight deputy ministers and a minister in government were submitting their contributions to the party for its normal operations.


But when contacted for a comment, Ms. Namugala refuted the allegations levelled against her and maintained that the MMD was headed for extinction because of the serious rift created by party leader, Dr. Mumba.

Ms. Namugala, who is also Mafinga MP, described the planned move to block her from attending parliament this week by MMD die hard youth wing as a joke.

MMD die hard youth wing leader Bowman Lusambo has said youths will block Ms. Namugala from attending parliament should the National Assembly Speaker Dr. Patrick Matibini not declare the Mafinga seat vacant since Ms. Namugala was expelled.