Kasama community advised to keep bees

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—–A Senior forestry officer in Northern Province, Carthreen Nguvulu, has implored communities to embark on bee keeping projects as a way to reduce poverty.


Mrs Nguvulu told ZANIS in Kasama today that her department has made frantic efforts in encouraging local people to start bee-keeping projects.

She said the local people should take advantage of the trees surrounding them and generate money that in turn would improve their livelihood.


The forester explained that her department has taken up an initiative of training some members of the community on how to keep bees using the improved bee-hive technology.


Mrs Nguvulu also said the department has so far trained communities in most districts in Northern Province to fight against poverty and promote tree preservation.


She stressed that if communities embrace bee-keeping projects they would also preserve trees because bees need trees for honey production.


Mrs Nguvulu assured beekeepers of the readily available market as honey is required for medicinal use.


Meanwhile, Mrs Nguvulu has urged communities to stop massive cutting down of trees to avoid deforestation and disturbing weather patterns.