MMD revolutionists demand for Mumba’s removal

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-MMD Members opposed to party president Nevers Mumba’s style of leadership have vowed not rest until their embattle leader is ousted from office.

ZANIS reports that MMD Member Bernard Mpundu reiterated that the former ruling party under Dr. Mumba’s alleged failed leadership is destined for political oblivion and genuine members will not allow him to kill the party.

Mr. Mpundu said this in an interview Lusaka, today.

He added that Dr. Mumba’s alleged duo membership of Reform Party (RP) and MMD is a source of wrangles in the party and his group will do everything possible to ensure that a national convention is convened in order to usher in new leaders.

He asked those opposed to the holding of the national convention to state whether the party is gaining ground following the recent dismal performance in the just ended Mpongwe parliamentary and other local government elections.

And Mr. Mpundu has clarified media reports suggesting the MMD and UPND were contemplating of fielding retired former president Rupiah Banda in the 2016 tripartite elections.

Mr. Mpundu further clarified that Dr. Mumba could not commit the MMD to that arrangement but the Reformed Party (RP) because as far as genuine members are concerned Mr. Banda retired after losing to President Michael Sata.

He implored MMD members to denounce Dr. Mumba’s alleged visionless leadership publicly instead of doing so quietly for fear of hooligans that attacked Major Richard Kachingwe last year.

Calls for Dr. Mumba to leave the party have intensified following the dismal performance in the just Mpongwe parliamentary and local government by elections across the country.

Yesterday, the MMD splinter group opposed to party president Nevers Mumba has renewed calls for its embattled party leader to vacate office following the dismal electoral performance in the just by elections.

But embattled MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba has maintained that views expressed by expelled Mafinga MMD Member of Parliament Catherine Namugala’s splinter group does not represent the views of the party.

The group calling itself the MMD True Blue  ( MTB ) has  accused Dr. Mumba of requesting Members of Parliament to increase their contributions to KR 3 500 aimed at supporting his flamboyant lifestyle at the expense of reorganise the party.

MTB member Catherine Namugala said the dismal performance of the party in the just ended Mpongwe parliamentary and other local government elections is enough indictment of Dr. Mumba’s poor leadership.