13 year old lad vanishes on Lake Kariba

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13 year old lad vanishes on Lake Kariba

Gwembe, March 2, 2013, ZANIS–A grade four pupil at Chipepo Harbour Primary School in Gwembe district has mysteriously gone missing on the shores of Lake Kariba in a suspected crocodile attack.


Emmanuel Chibelenga , 13 years,  of Namanzuma fishing camp in Chipepo Chiefdom in Gwembe district disappeared on the lake shores 3 days ago without a trace.


ZANIS reports from Gwembe District that Police sources in Chipepo confirmed the incident in an interview.


They said that Chibelenga, who was in a company of his friend was herding cattle on February 26, 2013 around 09.00 hours when he decided to take a bath in the clear waters along the lake. 


His friend who remained on the banks discovered that his friend had taken long  as he never resurfaced after diving into the lake.


The named boy then rushed to the fishing village to alert the people who conducted a search.


Police said the body of Chibelenga is not yet found.


The search party that rushed to the area only discovered human fat floating on the spot where the lad dived and have since concluded that Chibelenga could have been devoured by crocodiles which are highly populated in the lake.


Police suspect no foul play.