Mwaliteta expresses worry over political violence

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Mwaliteta expresses worry over political violence


Choma, March 1, ZANIS — MMD Campaign Manager in the Livingstone by election, Obvious Mwaliteta says he does not see an end to violence in the tourist capital.


Mr Mwaliteta fears the postponement of the by election to March 14 will even result in more deaths because the opposition UPND is determined at all costs to use violence to instil fear in the voters.


He was speaking to ZANIS in Choma on Thursday afternoon when he and Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba made a stopover while escorting the body of late PF Monze District Vice Chairman Harrison Chanda brutally murdered in Livingstone in the violent political campaigns.


Mr Mwaliteta said the postponement of the by-election including the deployment of more police officers cannot guarantee any peace because UPND is a violent party that believes in spilling blood.


He alleged that UPND has even started importing truckloads of its cadres from as far as Mufumbwe and Mpongwe to cause more violence in Livingstone.


Mr Mwaliteta who is also Western province Minister said the high-level of political violence in Livingstone has proved to Zambians that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is a violent leader who should not be trusted with the leadership of this country.


He said it is worrying to see the Livingstone by election being marred by unprecedented levels of political violence perpetrated by the opposition UPND.


The late Chanda will be buried in Monze today.