Kasama residents threatens demonstrations over power outages

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Kasama residents threatens demonstrations over power outages


Kasama, March, 1/2013. ZANIS ——- Hundreds of Kasama residents have threatened to protest to Northern Province Minister’s office over the continued massive Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) power disruption being experienced of late in Kasama that has caused loss of business and property in some cases.


Some residents who stormed ZANIS offices in Kasama today complained that the power utility company was not providing them a proper service as it switches off power any time, anyhow and it does not give notice. 


They said the numerous switching on and off acts by ZESCO has resulted in loss of electrical appliances and loss of business at the central business district.


The residents who operate photo copier machines said customers are turned away when power is off which result in loss of business.


They said since Monday the power supply has been unstable and residents lamented that electricity supply to clients was inadequate and wondered why the public was not informed when ZESCO was going to switch off and on suddenly.


They added that power goes off from around 17. 00 hours and resume at around 22. 00 hours when people have retired to bed forcing households to rely on charcoal for domestic use in the evenings.


When contacted for a comment Northern and Muchinga Regional Operations Engineer Wesley Simwanza said ZESCO has had two of its power machines broken down at Kariba North bank causing shortage of power voltage of 345 megawatts.


Mr Simwanza added that one machine has since been repaired and the power deficit has been reduced to 165 megawatts.


He said ZESCO is working flat out to restore power and a notice has been issued to members of the public and its esteem customers to bear with the company for the unforeseen circumstance.