ZICTA says postal services should benefit people fully

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-The Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) says postal sector services should benefit the people to the fullest.

ZICTA Director General, Margret Mudenda, says Zambia is geared to address the challenges associated with postal services in ensuring that security aspects are prioritised.

Ms Mudenda, however, regretted that there are some selfish people who have criminal minds.

Ms Mudenda was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.

She said in the foregoing developments, ZICTA has embarked on a sensitization on drive to educate the people on postal services.

And ZICTA Director for Marketing, Competition and Licencing, Mulenga Chisanga, has said Zambia is aware of other threats, such as terrorism, in the postal sector that other countries experienced in the recent years.

Mr Chisanga said Zambia is on course to harmonising the postal sector in ensuring that standards were adhered to in accordance with the Universal Postal Union.

He said there is need that letters and other important documents were delivered on time, products protected and arrive on time.