Lukanga Water impresses ADB

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Lukanga Water impresses ADB


Kabwe, February 28, ZANIS ——- African Development Bank (ADB) says it is impressed with the progress made by Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) emanating from its US36 million financial Aid to the Zambian government.


ADB Representative, Gabrielle Fattorelli said he is particularly impressed with the manner in which the funds under the Central Province Eight Centers Water and Sanitation Project were utilized as the work on the ground is visible while the response from the people is overwhelming.


In an interview with ZANIS yesterday, Mr Fatorrelli who was on a project assessment tour in Kabwe and Kapiri-Mposhi project sites said he is happy with the initiative the water company has used in ensuring that quality water is provided to the people of Central Province.


He said the project which was funded by ADB at US36 million has been well handled and will encourage the bank to continue partnering with the Zambian government and Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company in particular.


He however, regretted that the water company still had immense challenges in terms of maintaining a constant water supply in the entire province.


He said ADB will look into some of the challenges faced by the company ranging from erratic water supply to poor sanitation as it is committed to ensuring that the people of Zambia gets quality aid which will improve sanitation.


Mr Fatorelli further assured the Zambian government that his bank remains committed to supporting water companies like Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company because they have exhibited good workmanship in all the project sites visited so far.


And Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director, Wencylow Makondo said his company remains indebted to ADB and government for the financial aid which has recorded a huge improvement in the water reticulation system in Central Province.


Mr Makondo said the scope of works carried out from the loan since 2010 included the rehabilitation and construction of new water sources, electrical and mechanical equipment, pumping mains, storage reservoirs and distribution tanks, among other works.


He said there is an amazing improvement of sanitation through rehabilitation and new sewage ponds in Kabwe, Kapiri-Mposhi and some parts of Serenje district.


He stated that the project was adequately funded and effectively delivered, and that with this, most of the challenges faced by his company has been eased as the company is now able to supply quality water to its customers.


Mr Makondo however, pointed out that his company is still in the process of administering further asepsis processes and because of this, supply has been minimized from 24 hours to 17 hours per day.