Chief Lukwesa cries for a police post in his area

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Chief Lukwesa cries for a police post in his area


Mansa, Thursday, February 28, 2013,  ZANIS – Chief Lukwesa of the Lunda people of Luapula province has called on government to establish a police post in his Chiefdom.

The Chief made the call when Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Mbololwa Muyaba paid a courtesy call on him at his Palace, yesterday.

He lamented that his Royal Establishment have been looking forward to the pledge a while ago by Luapula Deputy Commissioner of Police Aaron M’shanga to erect a police post in the area but no avail.

He said establishing a Police Station in his Chiefdom will help in reducing criminal activities in his Chiefdom especially by those coming from outside his Chiefdom.

He said his Chiefdom was prone to various crime activities by unscrupulous individuals who wanted to bring disorder in his chiefdom.

The traditional ruler reasoned that it is only the presence of the Police in his chiefdom that would help in maintaining law and order.

But Commissioner M’shanga’s supervisor  Provincial Police Commissioner Philimon Mutale stated that the Police Station in question can only be established in a gazetted area.

Commissioner Mutale said the Lukwesa Chiefdom was not gazetted and therefore it does not qualify for a Police station.