Mpongwe voting off to a good start

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Voting in Mpongwe has started on a good note with voters lining-up to cast their votes in the parliamentary by-election as early as 05:00hours


A check by ZANIS Ndola revealed that in most polling stations’ voter turn-out was steadily progressing well.


At Kalunkumya polling centre at Kanyenda primary school Returning Officer Masauso Phiri said voting was progressing well with the turn-out expected to rise later in the day.


“At this polling station everything is good. We are progressing well our clients are coming in one by one, am sure around midday the turn-out will increase,” he said.


Mr Phiri said of the 1, 588 registered voters at the polling station, by press time about 30 voters had cast their votes.


Mr Phiri further said the voting was going on well and that no incidents had been recorded since voting commenced.


“So far we are conducting the voting in a peaceful manner, no incidents have been recorded, the people are coming to vote and going peacefully,” he said.


Meanwhile a Mpongwe resident has observed that the by-election should be viewed as a tool that would take development to Mpongwe.


Mrs Agnes Kanama said despite which individual wins the seat the people of Mpongwe are only interested in the development of their area.


She said all the five candidates want to develop Mpongwe and that whichever one wins must be supported by all residents so that the area can be developed.


Mrs Kanama further urged the residents to refrain from violent acts that might disturb peace in the district.


She said people who were inciting violence should be reported to the police so that law and order is maintained.


Voting in Mpongwe constituency which has a total of 34, 642 registered voter is going on and is expected to close at 18:00 hours.