Lunga district receives funds for channel clearing

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Lunga district receives funds for channel clearing

Lunga, February 27, ZANIS ——The office of the Vice President through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has released KR 100,000 to be used in channel clearing in Lunga district.

 Bangweulu water transport, working under the ministry of transport, works, supply and communications has since embarked on this task of channel clearing which involves rehabilitating of water ways in the district.

 Speaking to ZANIS in an interview, Lunga District Commissioner Raphael Kauseni said the channel clearing is an on-going program because Lunga is a cluster of island chiefdoms and water being the only mode of transport in Lunga, hence the need to clear the weeds and re-deepen the channels in the wetlands.

This was done through the DMMU under the office of the Vice President.

Speaking to ZANIS in Lunga, Bangweulu water Transport Manager, Nason Bwalya confirmed that the dredging machine is in operation and has been deployed to do the clearing of the weeds from Itala to Kasoma Lunga the district administration center, then from Kalima nkonde towards the palace.

 “The distance from Itala to Kasoma lunga is 2.5km and from Kalima nkonde turn off to the palace is 4.5 km however, the targeted distance basing on  the amount released t is 10km,”said Mr Bwalya.

He further said works are progressing well in the clearing process although the machine is being operated by two workers instead of four due to inadequate manpower.

The dredger has two operators who he said lacked a utility boat, accommodation and poor network for mobile communication as some of the challenges they are facing.

Senior Chief Kalima nkonde and Chief Kasoma lunga have appreciated the efforts that the government is making in spear heading development in the district.

The machine was bought in Nov 2010 and was deployed early last year (2012).

The chiefs also have appreciated the government efforts in improving the mode of transport in Lunga district which relies on water transport.