Kazungula women stages fundraising initiative

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Kazungula women stages fundraising initiative


Kazungula, February 27, ZANIS —Kazungula women yesterday left their offices and businesses and turned for car washing exercise at the border post as a fundraising venture ahead of next week’s International Women’s Day celebration which falls on 8th March.


The women who were led by Patriotic Front District Party Secretary Langison Matunga and some youths turned up to render support to the motorists at the border town.


Speaking after the exercise, Florence Mulowa, PF District Chairlady said she was impressed with the turn up of women who left their work and came to clean the trucks and other vehicles with the support from the youths.


Ms Mulowa said it was an important exercise for women so that they could raise something to use on the actual day of the celebration and called upon the business men in the district to come on board and assist the women financially.


She mentioned that women’s day commemoration should be taken seriously by everyone saying women just like children are the most vulnerable in society because of the injustices they under go through in life.


Ms Mulowa said it is for this reason that women should come together and enjoy their day and put aside their challenges they face in their everyday life.


And speaking earlier, PF District Women Secretary Tendai Chipangano Muleya called upon the church, NGOs, schools and the rural communities to turn up in large numbers during the commemoration of women’s day next week so that together, they can share a lot of ideas on how to become productive in life.


Ms Muleya charged that it is through such gatherings that women especially in the rural communities can be enlightened on how to access loans through women empowerment funds that government is always committed to offer.


Meanwhile, Ms Muleya has advised Kazungula youths to venture into viable projects that would put more money into their pockets instead of engaging themselves into illicit activities.


Ms Muleya who said she was saddened by the deaths of two youths who died in Kazungula recently from suspected witchcraft after they stole from a business woman’s items said it was worrisome seeing the youths shunning good job opportunities such as clearing of roads which the Kazungula district council had offered them.


She disclosed that youths in Kazungula prefer fast money because of being at the border area a situation which causes them to start swindling those people in business.