Kapata condemns HH

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Patriotic Front (PF) Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata has United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema against insulting president Michael Sata.


Ms Kapata says PF members and Zambians in general demand that Mr. Hichilema respect the republican President as he is an elected official.


She said it’s unacceptable and highly provocative for Mr. Hichilema to label the president as having no brains.


ZANIS reports that the PF MP for Mandevu Constituency said this in an interview in Mpongwe today.


She added that insulting the head of state was actually insulting the people of Zambia who voted Mr. Sata into office.


She said Mr. Hichilema who heads a small party must learn to respect the president and accept that he is in state house.


She said the way president Sata was working  it will take a long time for the UPND or any other parties to form government.


According to Local media reports, the Opposition UPND leader is reported to have insulted the Republican President.


Mr. Hichilema is reported to have said this yesterday before being picked up  in connection with the shooting of a PF cadre, Harrison Chanda.


And Ms Kapata who is Mpongwe by elections manager said opposition parties participating in Mpongwe by elections have started accusing PF of electoral malpractices ahead of polls tomorrow because they know they are not winning the elections.


She said the opposition are already crying foul so they can have a case to bring forward when the PF wins the elections.


Earlier, Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) women’s national chairperson Faustina Sinyangwe accused the PF of collecting voters cards from voters in Mpongwe with the view to des-enfranchise them.


Ms Sinyangwe alleged that PF has been collecting cards since February 3.


She told ZANIS in a separate interview in Mpongwe today that attempts by the PF to rig elections wont yield intended results.


Voting in the Mpongwe by elections will commence at 06:00 hours tomorrow and is expected to end at 18:00 hours.


Five candidates are vying for the seat and these include the Patriotic Front’s (PF) Gabriel Namulambe, The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Miniver Mutesa, United Party for National Development (UPND) Rabson Chilufya, United National Independent Party (UNIP) Kenneth Kuveya, and National Restoration Party’s (NAREP) Reagan Ndhlovu.