Groove production launches movie to raise awareness on defilement

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Groove production launches movie to raise awareness on defilement

Lusaka, February 27th, ZANIS—Groove Productions has launched a movie titled “I am innocent aimed” aimed at raising awareness among members of society on defilement.

Film Executive Producer Abraham Kabwe says there is need to seriously highlight the issues of defilement by producing local content that people are able to understand.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Kabwe said the locally produced films are critical to reducing the high levels of defilement especially those that go unreported.

He has since praised government for its active role in the fight against child defilement, rape and other immoral activities in the country.

And Film Producer Castrol Shanobe called on all cooperating partners to work together and fully address the scourge so that the life of the girl is safeguarded.

Shanole also expressed worry at the high numbers of defilement cases that go unreported and called on society to ensure the culprits are reported to the law enforcement agencies.

According the to the International Symposium on Sexual and Gender Based Violence (GBV) report ,there is an average of 4 cases of child sexual abuse reported to the Zambia Police Victim Support Unit on a daily basis in Lusaka only while the University Teaching Hospital(UTH) records an average of 15 cases per week.