Clergyman condemns political killings

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Clergyman condemns political killings

Mansa, February 27, ZANIS ———- A clergy man in Mansa Luapula province has condemned the killing of a PF party official in Livingstone.

Former United Church of Zambia Mansa South Presbyterian Chairman Revered Paul Saluti says the killing of a PF party official in Livingstone is unchristian and should not be condoned.

Reverend Saluti who describes politics as a job like any other job wondered how a person who wants to be employed could resort to violence as a way of wanting to get into an office.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview in Mansa yesterday Revered Saluti called on leaders of political parties to be strong enough and be able to stop their followers from violence.

The Revered has since lashed out at the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) for condemning the police at the time when they banned the holding of political rallies in the Livingstone by election but later condemned the killing of a PF party official and the subsequent arrest of the suspects.

Revered Saluti says FODEP was playing what he described as double standards in the matter     saying the police should be left independently to work in a professional manner.

He wondered how the police can arrive at apprehending the perpetrators of the crime without arresting the suspects.

PF Monze District Chairperson was on Monday evening killed in Livingstone in unexplained circumstances.