Two youths die of suspected witchcraft

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–Two youths both of Makalanguzu village in Kazungula district have died from suspected witchcraft while others are now living in fear after they swindled an unknown business woman who went to buy goods from Botswana.


Patrick Machai and the other who has only been identified as Levy both aged between 22 and 30 died mysteriously recently after complaining of lower abdominal pains.


According to sources who did not want to disclose their names, the duo while acting with eight others are suspected to have stolen among other items a plasma television belonging to an unknown business woman who was coming from Botswana where she went to buy her goods.


The sources said the woman in question had engaged the late Patrick Machai to be helping her carry her merchandise and take to customs offices for clearing whenever  she could come from Botswana for shopping.


They added that investigation on the ground are that some of the business woman’s goods went missing during her recent trip from Botswana after Machai and his team mates came to help her carry her items but they all denied that they had stolen some of her things.


Sources said it was at that point that the woman started complaining and undressed in front of the people who carried her goods.


She then told them that they will die one by one and that the last person in the group would get mad.


Meanwhile, Langison Matunga a Kazungula resident disclosed that before the business woman left for Lusaka aboard Mazhandu family bus she paid them their monies they had worked for according to the agreement and promised them that she would have another trip to Kazungula soon.


Mr Matunga who is Patriotic Front (PF) District Party Secretary said he was saddened to hear the incidence and said stealing is never a good thing as it can lead to such situations.


He said the woman in question should have reported the case to the police station instead of taking the law into her own hands adding that the community should learn something from what had happened so that they can never get involved in a similar predicament.


The late Patrick Machai was put to rest on Sunday while the other one named Levy was buried on Friday.


The business woman is suspected to have come from Kawambwa in Luapula Province while others say she is a Congolese national.