Parents urged to encourage children to participate in church activities

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Parents urged to encourage children to participate in church activities

Nakonde, February 26, ZANIS ——– A Clergyman in Nakonde district of Muchinga Province has called on parents in the country to encourage young children to participate actively in God’s work during this year’s Youth Week.

United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Nakonde Congregation Reverend Brian Kalobwe made the passionate appeal in Nakonde over the weekend when he graced the Boys Brigade Enrolment and Dedication Day.

Reverend Kalobwe said that parents in the area should consider encouraging their young children to join Church ministries such as Boys Brigade in order to have more children in the house of the Lord.

Reverend Kalobwe said that most of the church ministries like the Boys Brigade are so beneficial to people more especially young ones as they impart many survivor skills to the young people which they can use to earn a living.

He said skills that boys learn can make them to become productive and contribute positively to the well- being of society and the nation as a whole.

Reverend Kalobwe added that once young children are taken out of the streets and brought to church, there will be a reduction in crime levels as most of those in the streets have engaged themselves in committing various acts of crime.

The reverend has also called on Boys Brigade senior officers to get more committed to church so as to provide young children with sufficient spiritual guidance.

The reverend has also advised Youth in the border town to ensure they participate actively in this year’s youths Innovation Display competition to be held soon.