Kapiri Mponshi District runs out of ART drugs

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Kapiri Mponshi District runs out of ART drugs

Kapiri Mponshi, February 26th,  2013, ZANIS —- People Living with HIV/AIDS in Kapiri Mponshi District  have today bemoaned the continued scarcity  of the vital Anti Retro Viral Drugs ( ART) in the area.

The patients have lamented that they have not accessed the life saving drugs in most heath centers such as at Waya Rural Health Centre in Lukanga Swamp area of the District.

Over two hundred people are living with the disease in the area and currently the health post is delivering health services to 800
patients on ART.

ZANIS reports that Counsellor at the health centre, George Mukabe, confirmed the development in an interview in Kapiri Mponshi District , today.

Mr. Mukabe noted that new clients are not accessing the drugs owing to lack of a Clinic Officer at the beleaguered centre.

He further complained that the previous Clinic Officer, Dickson Mwewa, abandoned his portfolio on 26th December, 2012, hence, the post remaining vacant.

This is after Mr. Mwewa disapproved the community’s threats against him, following allegations that he was not professionally discharging his duties and that he had poor attitude towards the patients.

The counsellor further explained that the Clinic officer is the solely mandated personnel to authorize and introduce new clients to the medication.

Allegedly, despite several reminders from patients, Mr. Mwewa has refused to resume his office position stating that he would only resume work until he is transferred to another station.

But when contacted for comment, Mr. Mwewa maintained that he could not be working in an unsecured environment stating that he was currently on transfer to another  unnamed health post.

However, Counselors at the clinic in question, have since called on government to react with urgency in taking a new Clinic Officer before many live are lost.