Clergyman praises PF on agriculture policy

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Clergyman praises PF on agriculture policy

Solwezi, February 26, ZANIS ——– A clergyman in Solwezi has said the PF government agriculture policy if well implemented has the potential to help the country realize the vision of diversifying the economy.

Springs of Worship Ministries International Reverend Tom Mushinge said in a statement in Solwezi that the PF manifesto has a well articulated agriculture policy which if supported by all Zambians would bring great benefits to the country.

Reverend Mushinge said he strongly believes that government under President Michael Sata needs support from every Zambian to help achieve this vision unlike the MMD who turned the vision into a political rhetoric and did nothing.

The clergyman said the PF government has an opportunity to correct the failure of the MMD and ensure it operated on the diversification programme so that there is a shift from mining economy based to a multi economy.

Reverend Mushinge suggested that government can achieve this by re organizing the operations of the Food Reserve Agency and improve its marketing strategies.

He also said the PF government should consider setting up of state farms in at least four provinces as a way of expanding the agriculture sector which is a possible alternative for diversification.

He said it was a shame for the country that the agriculture sector has failed to develop despite having abundant land, water and human resource.