Socialist Youth Forum appeal to PF Central Committee

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Socialist Youth Forum appeal to PF Central Committee


Lusaka, February 25, ZANIS—–Socialist Youth Forum National Coordinator Rezin Mugode has  called on the Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee to dispel calls of expelling Kabwata Member of Parliament Given  Lubinda.


In a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today Mr. Mugode said that the demotion of Mr. Lubinda to the back bench in parliament is enough punishment for him to reflect on how best he can contribute to the party.


Mr. Magode said the PF members who are calling for the expulsion of Mr. Lubinda should exercise the principle of togetherness and forgiveness.


He has since called on the PF Central Committee to uphold the spirit of unity in purpose and safeguard the interest of stability in the party.


Meanwhile, Mr. Mugode has applauded President Michael Sata’s launch of the new Patriotic Front party training module.


He noted that the launching of the PF training module is a clear indication that President Sata is a leader beyond the league of opposition in the country.


He said the PF government should not soften its vigilance but ensure that they secure unity and solidarity in the party.


Mr. Magode observed that for the first time since three decades, the life of Zambians has remarkably improved since the PF assumed power.


He noted that the PF training module will help youths and the general public draw closer to the Patriotic Front government.


He said the PF training module will further develop a sound basis for the party to maintain its deep roots and kindred ties with the people across the country.  


He said his organisation is determined to reconstruct socialism in Zambia amidst the hash poverty and high employment levels that was left by the former ruling Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD).