Mpezeni lashes out at opposition, calls their strategy ‘selfish’

Chief Mpezeni IV

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni IV has lashed out at opposition leaders who want Zambia to be expelled from the Commonwealth describing the move as selfish.
“It is disheartening to hear that some of our political leaders are so disenchanted with Government of President Sata that they are advocating that Zambia be expelled from the Commonwealth club of nations.

“This is a very sad development and can only come from selfish individuals,” Mpezeni said in a speech read for him by his induna, George Zulu, who is also Energy permanent secretary, during the Nc’wala ceremony yesterday.
Two weeks ago, opposition leaders Hakainde Hichilema (UPND), Nevers Mumba (MMD) and Sakwiba Sikota (ULP) held a press briefing in Johannesburg, South Africa, and condemned government’s governance record before calling on the Commonwealth to suspend Zambia.
None of the opposition leaders were in attendance although Mr Hichilema and Mr Elias Chipimo (NAREP) were on the list of expected delegates.
Mpezeni urged political leaders to embrace a culture of dialogue.
He reminded the nation that the Ngonis have rich experiences in victory and defeat, hence their experience demonstrated over the years that magnanimity is a unifying factor in both victory and defeat.
And the paramount chief commended government for the creation of new districts namely Vubwi and Sinda and also for plans to make Feni and Chiparamba new districts.
Mpezeni said last week, the Road Development Agency (RDA) visited and showed him the construction time table of Vubwi-Mwami road, Feni-Jerusalem road, and Chipata-Chadiza, Chadiza-Katete roads.
He said other developments include the electrification of chiefs’ palaces and other residences.
He also paid tribute to the Litunga of the Western Province for sending to Nc’wala senior chief Anananga of Lukulu and eight indunas. Senior Government officials and Prince Zulu Goma of Tanzania were among others who attended the ceremony.


  1. Koma iyi Mfumu iyi.. Is a waste of ….A lot of things including oxygen. Who asked you?

  2. The chief seems to side with any current Boma in power. One wonders if the chief's utterances should be trusted