Airtel spends KR187,000 on Nc’wala ceremony

Airtel spent KR187,000 towards the hosting of yesterday’s Nc’wala traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province.

Airtel Zonal Business Manager, Eddie Banda, said the telephone service provider had the passion for Africa and it was its goal to open up new worlds of possibilities and opportunities by embracing as well as supporting the rich facets of African culture including traditional ceremonies.

Mr Banda said his company recognizes the important role traditional ceremonies play in fostering development especially in the tourism sector.

Mr Banda said during Nc’wala traditional ceremony which took place yesterday at Mtenguleni in Chipata district any form of development should embody and resonate with the culture if it was to be meaningful to the people.

Mr Banda said culture should be placed at the very heart and soul of Africa’s aspirations to develop, adding that developments achieved devoid of culture were short-lived.

“Culture, as we know it, should be placed at the very heart and soul of Africa’s aspiration to develop,” he said.

Mr Banda said Airtel believed that traditional ceremonies should be supported and preserved as they showcase the fabric of the society.

He said Zambian culture had the potential to boost the tourism sector thereby contributing to employment creation and overall economic development.

He observed that culture also helped retain identity and set people apart as unique.

Mr Banda said culture had become the centre and soul of human adventure and traditional ceremonies like the Nc’wala were helping in fulfilling the role of culture by serving as a unifying factor among people from various places.

He further said traditional ceremonies ensure that the history was passed on to the children as they grow by giving them a balance between their heritage and Western influence.

Mr Banda said Airtel would remain committed to supporting traditional ceremonies in the country as part of fulfilling the vision to provide enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).