Limataa laments lack of filling station in Namwala

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Limataa laments lack of filling station in Namwala


Namwala Feb 23/13, ZANIS, Southern Province Deputy Minister, Josephine Limataa, says she is saddened that 49 years since independence Namwala District has no filling station.


Ms Limataa said a filling station would help very much the district in terms of carrying out its business activities, cattle farming and other types of agriculture.


The minister said she will try and engage the energy ministry and Energy Regulation Board to find a lasting solution of setting up a filling station in the district.


The Minister was speaking in Namwala when she addressed government heads of department at the District Commissioner’s office.


She said Namwala District has potential for economic activity because of the cattle population which is highest in number in the country.


Ms Limataa further said she is happy that the cattle population is increasing and currently at about 124,000 thousand in number and promised to do everything possible to see to it that all government dip tanks are functional.


Currently, Namwala District has about 52 Government dip tanks and only 13 are functional.


The minister also noted that the PF government attaches great importance to farming, saying that is why the district has greatly benefited from cattle vaccination programs by government.

Ms Limataa expressed happiness that issues surrounding agricultural input distribution have been sorted out in the district and almost all farmers have been given their farming inputs in Namwala.


Ms Limataa has appealed to the Ministry of Community Development to consider Namwala to be under the social cash transfer because it is very rural and they are a lot of vulnerable people in the district.


She said the PF government attaches great importance to issues of vulnerable people and government has programs of women empowerment, youth empowerment and funds for the aged so that living conditions of people are improved.


And speaking at the same function Namwala District Commissioner, Gevar Nsanzya, appealed to the minister to help Namwala solve the issues surrounding newly constructed schools in the district, Niko Technical and Namwala Basic School which have been built but are not opened.


Mr Nsanzya added that the district has a deficit of 402 class rooms and that the opening of the two schools will mitigate the deficit.