Kabompo residents protest against maize, meal prices

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–Several Kabompo residents yesterday stormed the office of the District Commissioner (DC), Dennis Kanyakula, to protest over high prices of maize which have shot up to KR250 per 50 kg bag this month from KR100 in January.


Mr Kanyakula who confirmed the development to ZANIS also said shops in Kabompo have run out of both breakfast and roller meal for a week now.


Mr Kanyakula said the residents stormed his office to ask the government to offload the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) maize on the market for the public to buy at affordable prices to avert the hunger from worsening.


The maize prices in small quantities in Kabombo have also increased from KR20 per 20litre container in January to KR100 for the same quantity and cassava from K15 per 20 litre container in January to KR30.


Mr Kanyakula, who later addressed the crowd, assured people that government was aware of the hunger situation in Kabombo and has allocated 2000 metric tonnes of FRA maize to be offloaded on the market for the general public to buy at affordable prices.


The DC said the sale of the commodity to the public will, however, be controlled by his office to ensure that all residents were catered for and avoid corrupt practices and hunger from escalating.