Govt says calling Zambians idiots will expedite RB’s downfall

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—– Chief Government spokesperson, Kennedy Sakeni , has dared former President, Rupiah Banda for calling Zambians idiots.

And Mr Sakeni has castigated United Liberal Party (ULP) leader Sakwiba Sikota for defending Robert Amsterdam’s insults on Zambians and that government was not surprised.

In a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today the Chief Government spokesperson said the reactionary trappings in Mr Sikota’s statement are as large treacherous intentions.

Mr Sakeni, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, said it is honourable to admit when one blunders, pointing out that Mr Sikota must not justify the unjustifiable.

“There is nobody living in Zambia who was there during Mr Banda’s tenure who can argue honestly that there were no credible allegations of corruption against the former President and his children. And today Mr Banda, through his lawyer, has chosen to label Zambians idiots for calling him to account,” Mr Sakeni said.

He asked, “ what charges does Mr Banda want to be made available to him when he refused to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies, basing his dispute on his immunity?”

Mr Sakeni said clearly, people like Mr Sikota and Mr Amsterdam have misadvised their client, saying they may as well not be worth the money he is paying them.

“For us, it is good that Mr Sikota has identified himself as playing a political role because it is clear that he is not giving Mr Banda legal but political advice. The same is true with Mr Amsterdam,” Mr Sakeni observed.

He said Mr Banda is facing credible allegations of criminal activities since he refused to make himself available to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

“Let him wait, he will be given the allegations and chance to address them at an opportune time. Mr Banda and his lawyers must know that calling Zambians idiots when they insist on accountability will not make the charges he is likely to face go away,” he said.

Mr Sakeni pointed out that trying to launder himself both locally and internationally will not help him either, stating that it will just make his fall from grace faster.

He further added that it is very clear that Mr Sikota and Mr Amsterdam’s behaviour is expediting their client’s fall from grace.

“The most honourable thing Mr Banda can do either personally or through his so called lawyers is to apologise to the Zambian people for calling them idiots. We insist that Mr Banda must take full responsibility of Mr Amsterdam’s insults,” Mr Sakeni added.

Mr Sakeni noted that in any case, Mr Amsterdam does not even value the dignity of Zambians, saying his outright disrespect smacks of a classic stereotype that has no respect for Africans and Zambians in particular.

“And it is shameful for Mr Sikota to be cheerleading someone who is insulting his kind. We wonder where Mr Sikota has deposited his Zambian pride, dignity and values,” the Chief Government spokesperson asked?