Chief calls for marine unit to beef up security

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Chief calls for marine unit to beef up security

Chienge, February 22, ZANIS ——— Senior Chief Puta of the Bwile people of Chienge district of Luapula Province has called for enhanced National Security in his Chiefdom.

The Chief made the call when Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Mbololwa Muyaba paid a courtesy call on him at his palace.

The Chief Puta said there was need to equip the Zambian security in the area with adequate transport because the security situation at the moment was porous.

He called on government to consider equiping the officers with marine skills and water vessels for them to effectively counter illegal immigrants on the waters.

The traditional leader noted that the Zambian side needed marine officers to monitor the security situation on the waters all the time because some illegal immigrants were so aggressive, resulting in the adherence to the fish ban in the area difficult.

He said if officers were adequately equipped, even the potential fish ban defaulters would fear because they would know that they would be outwitted by the government officers.

And Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Mbololwa Muyaba said she would present the matter to relevant authorities for action.

Mrs Muyaba said she was in the district to familiarise herself with some of the challenges that chiefs were going through and also to share ideas with them on how to overcome some of the challenges together through her office to relevant authorities in accordance with the nature of the issues raised.