RTSA urged to intensify traffic patrols

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RTSA urged to intensify traffic patrols

Chipata, February 21, ZANIS ——- Youths in Eastern Province have backed calls by President Michae Sata for the Road Transport Safety Agency (RTSA) to intensify traffic patrols on roads as a way of curbing the increasing numbers of road traffic accidents.

Eastern Youth Entrepreneur Network Chairperson Mwima Mtine says Eastern is one of the provinces in the country that has continued to record high numbers of accidents almost every day.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Chipata today, Mr Mtine said there is need for RTSA to be more proactive in addressing safety issues in the province.

He explained that the current reliance by RTSA on the Zambia Police traffic department to enforce road safety rules has not been effective.

He also noted that there is need for RTSA to improve on its staffing levels if it is to effectively address the pending road safety challenges.

Mr Mtine alleged that the rising levels of road traffic accidents can also be attributed to corruption by most traffic officers.

He noted that some traffic officers are easily bribed by motorists who in some cases have faulty vehicles but they were allowed to drive on after paying something.

He observed that the situation has resulted in vehicles that are not road worthy to continue being on roads hence causing a danger to the travelling public.

Mr Mtine has since called on the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to start investigation and prosecuting officers that are found wanting.

He disclosed that President Sata has shown political will in issues of road safety but the onus now is on implementing agencies to do their duties effectively.

Recently over 52 people died after a Post bus they were travelling in collided with truck in Chibombo district of Central Province.   

And President Sata directed that over speeding and reckless drivers be fairly charged in accordance with the law.

Mr Sata said RTSA and the Zambia police service must ensure that road users strictly respect road regulations in order to reduce on accidents.

The President said RTSA and other law enforcement agencies must also work closely with motorists in ensuring that road traffic rules and regulations are observed in order to make roads safer.