Portland defrauded of more billions by the Ventriglia family

Antonio Ventriglia
Antonio Ventriglia

MORE evidence of gross financial abuse by the deported Ventriglia family that ran Zambezi Portland Cement has emerged with bank receipts showing specially tailored salaries of up to US$40,000 per month per family member being paid while Zambian workers earned measly wages.
Company and bank sources have confirmed the “selective pay” arrangements while receipts in the Zambia Daily Mail’s possession confirm the alleged abuse. In one case last November, Daniele Ventriglia, the operations director (former), authorised the transfer of K2 billion to service the credit of Antonio Ventriglia at Access Bank Zambia Ltd. in Lusaka without any proper explanation.
On November 27 last year again, Ventriglia ordered the company to pay Antonio his son US$40,000, “being salary for the month of November 2012,” to his bank in Italy called baco di Napoli and all transfer costs, “to be debited to Zambezi Portland Cement USD account.”
Ventriglia also ordered the cement company in the same month to transfer US$30,000 into the account of one Manuela Sebastini which he said was for a one month salary of November last year making Zambezi Portland Cement Workers (family members) some of the highest paid on the continent.
Documentation also shows that seven of the Ventriglia family members have been drawing over US$416,000 or the equivalent of K2.2billion unrebased per month in addition to rental caps they awarded each other at about US$18,000 net per month as the company struggled to remain on its feet.
Several millions of dollars owed and probably paid to the company from international transactions cannot be accounted for as a forensic audit is reported to progress.
Andrew Kamanga, the new Managing Director of the company declined to comment when reached yesterday saying, “We want to concentrate of turning the company around so that it can make profits again.”
Last November, Home Affair Minister Edgar Lungu issued a deportation order for the Ventriglia’s saying their staying in the country was illegal.
Lungu said the Ventriglia’s were expelled from Zambia as their conduct was found to be a danger to peace and good order of Zambia contrary to section 34 (1) (E) of the immigration deportation Act, number 18 of 2010.


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