School construction works impresses PS

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School construction works impresses PS

Mwansabombwe, February 20, ZANIS  ———- Luapula Province Permanent  Secretary Mbololwa Muyaba has expressed happiness at the quality of works at Kapale Secondary School construction site.

Mrs Muyaba said the works were of good quality and the construction works should be completed in good time so that the facility could be used by the intended beneficiaries in the district.

And Wang – Jang Contractor Site Manager Fu said the school could have been completed in good time but there was erratic releases of funds from government which has caused some delays in the works at the site.

Mr Fu said there were 20 houses for teachers which had reached roof level with door frames and window frames fitted while the school structures were yet to see the floors, plastering and painting to be done.

Speaking through an interpreter Andrew Lukwesa, the Site manager said the school was a KR28 million and government had only released KR2 million so far.

He said it was a three year project which started in March 2011 and should have been completed by March this year but the release of funds might delay the completion at the targeted time.

He further disclosed that there was no power yet to the school which will be important when the school is commissioned upon completion.