Livingstone city council prepares for UNWTO

Livingstone Culture
The Livingstone City Council has sunk a borehole within the civic centre grounds at cost of over KR14, 000 for effective landscaping to beautify the place ahead of the 20th session of the UNWTO General Assembly to be co hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe in August this year.


Council Acting Public Relations Manager Emmanuel Sikanyika said the borehole was sunk to enable the local authority take the lead in showing business houses that Livingstone needed a facelift ahead of the hosting of the UNWTO General Assembly.

 Mr Sikanyika confirmed the development in an interview with ZANIS in Livingstone today.

 He also revealed that the local authority had rescinded its decision to engage a professional landscaper due to cost implications but had opted to use a trained Park Superintendent to supervise the landscaping process at the Livingstone City Council grounds.

 Mr Sikanyika said the Livingstone City Council was taking advantage of government’s goodwill by rehabilitating infrastructure at the local authority.

 He however, stressed that all activities being undertaken by the local authority were not being done because of the hosting of the UNWTO but aimed at making cleanliness a permanent feature of Livingstone as the tourist capital of the nation.